Blogging On The Fly

Eugene Low Eugene Low Follow Apr 27, 2020 · 1 min read
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Blogging on the FLY!

If I have a machine + github account + jekyll. I should be able to blog anywhere!

I used Jekyll-Admin and I think its very useful. But it’s too much hassel to carry around a computer everywhere. We live in a world of mobile, can I code on the web? I thought.

This thought hits me, do Github provide an API? If so we just need to find an editor, and we can put our markdown code from mobile to the API! But there is a problem though, mobile markdown editor is too out of the date. If I am going to blog I guess I will add lots of images, but uploading them onto Github to obtain the link is too difficult. Is there a better way? I asked.

Then I started to Google, I googled ‘jekyll editor online’, the results is not too useful. Then I added one more keyword, ‘jekyll mobile editor online’. And voilà, I found this Awesome Jekyll Editor it’s possible! And most importantly it’s not an app!! Which means its not platform specific! Now I am editing on Prose.io. With just a few clicks I am able to authorize Github to directly edit on Prose.io, this allow much more flexibilty. The world is so crazy!

Even uploading photos, prose will automatically upload based on the path you specified!!

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